Rebel Base Studios,
Sheffield’s podcast recording studio

The home of Sheffield’s podcast recording scene

A quick bit about us

Welcome to our little podcast recording studio here in the heart of Sheffield.

We’re a team of podcasters and geeks who build awesome stuff for podcasters, including the podcast host, the podcast interaction tech at Poductivity, our free podcast growth academy at Podcast Success Academy and our flagship managed WordPress platform for podcasters, Podcast Websites.

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About the podcast recording studio

  • 4 x Heil PR-40 microphones
  • Raw recordings via the Rodecaster Pro all-in-one podcasting console
  • Fully soundproofed studio
  • Space for up to 4 podcasters
  • Easily record remote interviews from across the world using Skype or even a phone call
  • Full in-person tutorial on the equipment
  • Multi-channel audio files to take away on a USB device or online transfer
  • Optional sit-in producer (extra cost)
  • Optional complete file editing and final audio production (extra cost)

Inside our Sheffield-based podcast studio

Sheffield podcast studio FAQs

Do I get my audio files to take away with me?

Of course! The studio is set to record directly to an SD card for fantastic quality audio and your own audio is given to you either on a fancy USB stick or via an online link.

Do I receive each person’s audio separately?

Yep yep yep! Each person that you record in the studio, including any remote audio from Skype, mobile phone etc records on to its own channel.

What microphones will I be using?

We have a full suite of industry leading Heil PR-40 dynamic microphones for you!

Do you edit my audio for me?

We can, but for an extra cost because it takes time. 🙂

Do you provide a producer for me?

Honestly, we’re kinda feeling this out. Most podcasters come to the studio wanting to plug in and then take their audio away with them for editing. If you want a producer, we have one here (James rocks) so just ask.

Can I book multiple hours to record?

Sure! Make as many bookings as you like, and for as long as you like!

When booking using the calendar, just choose how long you’d like, we have slots available up to 4 hours at a time.

How to book the podcast recording studio

1 hour = £552 hours = £963 hours = £1234 hours = £156

Additional options such as a sit-in
producer or our team editing and finalising your podcast audio
(adding intros, outros, editing the content, etc) is quoted on an ad-hoc basis right now.

If you have any questions, just drop us a line.

Note: bookings outside of the times listed here may be available,
as well as podcast recording studio sessions above
our maximum 4-hour booking length,
drop us a line to find out.

We’re pretty easy going people but we do have a few simple guidelines for studio bookings:

Drinks are fine and we’ll happily get the kettle on when you arrive, but please no food in the studio.

Make sure drinks are on a mat.

We recommend a maximum of four people in the studio – five at a push.

Please bear in mind we may have another booking in straight after you, so we’d ask you to make sure you’re done on time – it’d be a bit embarrassing all round if we have to kick you out!

By making a booking here, we’ll add you to our email list
as a customer and we won’t spam you. Spam sucks.