The Attendee’s Guide to Podfest 2019

There are so many different podcasting conferences out there, scattered all over the world,  that sometimes it’s really difficult to decide which event will benefit us the most and give us any kind of return on the investment needed to attend, right?

In this guide, I talk you through everything you need to know about Podfest Multimedia Expo and how to make the most of attending. I’ll take you through all of the workshops, speakers and not forgetting the parties!

What exactly is Podfest and why you should go?

Ask yourself this question – “Am I passionate about sharing my voice and message with the world through the powerful mediums that are audio and video?” – If you said yes then Podfest is for you.

Podfest is a community of people that are passionate and made up of podcasters interested in sharing their voice and message to the world through on-demand audio. It’s a place where everyone unites to learn, get inspired and grow together and it is run by two pretty cool guys that we are very fortunate enough to have become friends with. Chris Krimitsos and John Dennis, who bring their sense of family values and make those the very core of Podfest.

Thanks to the educational workshops, you’ll find that during every one of the three, focussed days there is something new to learn and things to implement immediately.  

Whether from attending one of the workshops themselves or spending time in the halls speaking to someone you have met through the structured, relaxed networking, you’re going to learn something new or in more depth that will help you to grow as a podcaster.

And the best thing, in my opinion, is simple: you’ll walk away with new friendships that you have made through the networking events that Podfest hold. Friendships that will help inspire, support and guide you on your journey to success.

And if this isn’t a good enough reason, Podfest is held in March at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Florida Yes, Florida! Do you need any more excuses to go?

Guess who’s back…..The Rebel Base Media team will be attending.

We wouldn’t miss this conference for all the Yorkshire Tea in the world! (and believe me, we do love a good cuppa) And of course, our Podcast Websites platform is a gold sponsor of the whole event.

Like last year, we will be there with our Podcast Websites booth giving away lots of free swag including Yorkshire Tea and not forgetting out limited edition t-shirts.

What workshops should I attend?

Of course, there are high-class educational workshops for you to attend.

The workshops are on day 1 only and will cover everything you need to make immediate actions to help you on your journey. These workshops include:

  • Podcast startup workshop – Hands-on workshop where you’ll learn how to launch and grow your podcast. This workshop is brilliant if you’re just starting out in the podcasting world. The workshop will be held on Thursday, 7th March and will last all day, starting at 9 am.
  • Boss Lady – Run by women, for women. Focuses purely on women who want to podcast. This workshop will be held on Thursday, 7th March and will last half a day, starting at 9 am.
  • Pecha Kucha Sessions – This workshop focuses on creating a unique and fun take on delivering value very quickly. The workshop also includes 20 slides shown for 15 seconds a slide. This workshop is held on Thursday, 7th March and will last for half a day, starting at 1 pm.
  • Vidfest expo – This workshop focuses on youtube and video content. Run by the worlds best content creators when it comes to working with youtube. This workshop will last half a day and be held on Thursday, 7th March starting at 9 am. (Note: This event is free to VIP ticket holders. If you have a general admission ticket, you can purchase a ticket to this workshop for $197)

Podfest has more than workshops, though.

There will be over 100 speakers and panelists including our very own Mark Asquith who will be running a panel on podcast monetization and Jessica Kupferman who will be on a panel with Rob Walch – VP, Podcaster Relations, Libsyn, Jordan Harbinger – Host The Jordan Harbinger Show, Dave Jackson – Host of The School of Podcasting and Todd Cochrane – CEO, Blubrry and PowerPress. Their topic of discussion is – “Is Podcasting Heading Towards Crazy Change?”

On the first day of Podfest, you will receive a schedule with all of the times and places where the sessions are held. But for now, here’s a list of speakers/panelists who you can expect to see.

Main stage speakers

  • John Lee Dumas – Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire
  • Pat Flynn – Host of Smart Passive Income
  • Jordan Harbinger – Host of The Jordan Harbinger Show
  • Rob Walch – Host of Libsyns ‘The Feed’
  • Robyn Sayles – Host of Launching Your Success
  • Kenn Blanchard – Host of Speak Life
  • Jaime Legagneur – Host of Finding Florida
  • Glenn The Geek – Host of The Horse Radio Network
  • Michael O’Neal – Host of Solopreneur Hour

Breakout Speakers and Panelists

  • Mark Asquith – Rebel Base Media
  • Amy Woods – Content 10x
  • Andrew Kushner- Podcast Envy
  • Andy Kushner – The Wedding Biz
  • Barbara Grassey – The Book Boss
  • Adam Schaeuble – The Million Pound Mission
  • Allison Melody – Food Heals
  • Bob Caporale – Dear Strategy
  • Cate Stillman – The Yogahealer Show
  • Carmine Denisco – Inventors Launchpad
  • Carol Cox – Speaking Your Brand
  • Chris Curran – Podcast Engineering School
  • Chris Holifield – I Am Salt Lake
  • Chemda Khalili – Keith and the Girl
  • Chris Luecke – Pubcast Worldwide
  • Corey Fineran – Ivy Envy
  • Dave Jackson – The School of Podcasting
  • Christy Haussler – Forty Three Keys Media
  • Courtney Pledger – Clean Ears
  • Danny Ozment – So You Want To Podcast?
  • Dave Zohrob – Chartable Radio
  • Dave Aarons – Unbundled Attorney Mastermind
  • David Alan Grier – How We Manage Stuff
  • Debbie DeChambean – The Business of Insurance
  • Diane Daniels – Medicare Nation
  • Dean Akers – The Adjunct CEO
  • Doug Reed – Podcast Music
  • Erik Harbinson – CMO, Aweber
  • Gabriel Aluisy – Private Club Radio
  • Dr. Ashley Hampton – Work Smarter, Live More
  • Drew Ackerman – Sleep With Me
  • Dustin Mathews – Wealth Fit
  • Edward O’Donnell – In The Past Lane
  • Edward Panas – Selling Sarasota
  • Emily Prokop – The Story Behind
  • Eric Nuzum – Podcast Maker, formerly of NPR and Audible
  • Evo Terra – Podcast Pontifications
  • Gordon Firemark – Entertainment Law Update
  • Greg Riggle – Podcast Music
  • Heather Heuman – Business, Jesus & Sweet Tea
  • Jay Ludgrove – GL Cast
  • Hilda Labrada Gore – Wise Traditions
  • Jessica Kupferman – Rebel Base Media / She Podcasts
  • Joeel & Natalie Rivera – Freedom or Bust!
  • Joel Sharpton – What Makes Me Weird
  • Jay Menez – Hollywood Real
  • Jennifer Briney – Congressional Dish
  • Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe – Hustle & Flowchart
  • Joe Pardo – Business w/ Super Joe Pardo
  • Joe Saul-Sehy – The Stacking Benjamins Show
  • John Largent – The Texas Podcasters Association
  • Justin Malik – Optimal Living Daily
  • Justin Schenck – Growth Now Movement
  • Jonathan Oakes – Trivial Warfare
  • JV Carr III – Conscious Millionaire
  • Karen Rowe – Get Writing
  • Kevin Bupp – Real estate Investing for Cashflow
  • Karen Yankovich – Good Girls Get Rich
  • Kate Erickson – Kate’s Take
  • Katie Krimitsos – Meditation for Women and Biz Women Rock!
  • Keith Malley – Keith and the Girl
  • Laura Petersen – Copy That Pops
  • Lou Mongello – WDW Radio
  • Lyndsay Phillips – Smooth Business Growth
  • Marshall Williams – Ad Results Media
  • Lee Rankine – Optimal Living Daily
  • Lee Silverstein – We Have Cancer
  • Mani Vaya – Book Summaries for Entrepreneurs
  • Darrell Darnell – Pro Podcast Solutions
  • Mathew Passy – CausePods
  • Meg Brunson – FamilyPreneur
  • Meryl Klemow – Campfire Sht Show
  • Mickie Zada – Surviving Abuse
  • Mike Morrison – The Membership Guys
  • Nick Pavlidis – Five Minutes with dad
  • Paul Jones – Scruffy Audio Network
  • Phylecia Jones – Ask the Budgetologist
  • Mike Dell – Podcast Help Desk
  • Monica Rivera – You Wanna Do What!?
  • Niel Guilarte – All Things Posts
  • Rena Romano – The Thrive Perspective
  • Ric Viers – Ric Viers
  • Rob Greenlee – New Media Show
  • Rockwell Felder – Squadcast
  • Satish Gaire – Podmio
  • Ronsley Vaz – Should I Start a Podcast?
  • Shaina Weisinger – Repurpose House
  • Stefanie LaHart – Tradigital Talk
  • Steve Stewart – Steve Stewart Podcast Productions
  • Tom Schwab – Interview Valet
  • Travis Chappell – Build Your Network
  • Travis Vengroff – The White Vault
  • Troy Heinritz – The Blacklist Exposed
  • Nick Dunkerley – Hindenburg
  • Eli McIlveen – Alba Salix
  • Erik Saras – Marsfall
  • Jefferey Hayzlett – All Business
  • Jon Grilz – Small Town Horror
  • Joon S.Han – Awesome Guest
  • Kaitlin Statz – The White Vault
  • KC Wayland – We’re Alive: Goldrush
  • Sarah Rhea Werner – Girl In Space
  • Simone Brown – Clean Ears
  • Stephen Peterson – eCommerce Momentum
  • Sean Howard – The Axe & Crown
  • Steve Cherubino – EDMMR
  • Good Cochrane – CEO of Blubrry
  • Tom Hazard – Feed Your Brand
  • Tyler Sheff – Cashflow Guys
  • Scott Carson – The Note Closers Show
  • Seretha Collins – Clean Ears
  • Sharon Vornholt – Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing
  • Shawn Yesner – Cushing Debt
  • William Howell – STEM Talk
  • Zach Moreno – Between 2 Mics

VidFest Speakers

  • Lovely Ti
  • Granny Potty Mouth
  • Roberto Blake
  • Darcizzle Offshore
  • Nate Woodbury
  • Alexandra Harbushka
  • Brian G.Johnson
  • Bitches in the Kitchen
  • Jessica Stansberry
  • Phillip Scott
  • RKVC

Networking opportunities

On the first night of Podfest, John and Chris host a networking event that they call Signature Strategic Alliance. This one particular is a favorite of ours as one thing we love to do as a team is to meet and chat with new people, getting to know all about them and see what we can do to help them on their journey.

What happens in Signature Strategic Alliance is simple, you’re given a card with 6 different numbers on.

You then head to the table with the first number on your card. At that table, you will be joined by 5 other random people. You will then get to know each other by telling each other a little bit about yourself and your show (or show idea).

Then you will pass your business card to everyone on your table because you never know who can help you and vice versa (tip: be there to HELP, not to take!).

Party party party!

On Friday (the second day of Podfest) there is an after party for all attendees. This is off-site (location to be confirmed) and it’s a great way to end a very busy day. Grab a beer or 2, have some tasty food, enjoy talking and meeting new people and why not even have a little boogey!  

All of this will be happening as well as spontaneous events off-site.  These are where the magic happens, where you make friends and share experiences such as watching Chris get beat at ping-pong but somehow dominating at “whiffle-ball”. Don’t ask.

But there’s more… It’s roast time!

Last year, Dave Jackson from School of Podcasting was roasted by a panel of podcasters which included our very own Jessica Kupferman. At one point, we thought Dave was going to cave in and maybe even shed a tear, but he pulled through it like the trooper that he is with great humor and lots of love & respect.

The entrepreneur on fire himself, John Lee Dumas will be the target for this year’s roast on Saturday night.

The panel roasting JLD consists of Dave, our own Jessica Kupferman, Diane Daniels from Medicare Nation Podcast, Chris Krimitsos Co-Host of Podfest, Michael O’Neal from Soloprenuer Hour, Christy Haussler from Forty-Three Keys Media Consulting Group and Jordan Harbinger from The Jordan Harbinger Show.

This will be the highlight of the day, if not the entire conference and you can be sure that this event will bring you lots of laughter and maybe even tears – more so from John.

Pick up your tickets from and join the Rebel Base Media team in Florida where we’ll grab a game of ping pong and a beer.

You can find Kieran, Mark & Jess on the expo hall floor and while you’re there, fill your boots with our free, limited edition t-shirts and all the Yorkshire Tea that you can carry.


Izzy Hoedemaker

Izzy is content manager and marketer here at Rebel Base Media. A bit of a "Friends" geek, Izzy also spends too much time hair-rocking to Meat Loaf, if there is such a thing as "too much".