Was ATOMICON 2019 Worth It?

Last week, Rebel Base Media Head of Podcaster Relations, James Marriot and I, attended the first ever ATOMICON conference hosted by the hilarious content marketing super duo, Andrew & Pete.  

ATOMICON is a conference for small business owners, podcasters, bloggers, solopreneurs, start-ups, content creators and freelancers that want to grow their business online using outstanding content and modern marketing.

For a while I’ve been interested in marketing; how can I help to market Rebel Base Media through video and social media? At ATOMICON with the help from people like Dan Knowlton from KPS Digital and social media and marketing strategist, Teresa Heath-Wareing, I finally pulled some plans together ready to put into action.

Why do I say that? Because I didn’t expect to go to ATOMICON and instantly learn something. Pesky Andrew & Pete exceeding expectations from the get-go. Cheers, you two.

The atmosphere at ATOMICON was amazing. The event was delivered in true Andrew & Pete style – zany fun!

Everyone who attended was friendly, helpful and supportive of each other and overall, it was a great place to be. Surrounding myself with inspiring, positive people showed me exactly what the business/marketing industry is about and it made me even more grateful to be a part of it.

It’s true what they say: ‘good things happen when you surround yourself with positive people’ and I cannot tell you enough how true that really is! And of course, Andrew & Pete’s big ol’ personalities played a big part in making the entire conference fun.

They even had fire eaters welcoming people into the conference. Legit.

How are they going to top that next year? Maybe have Andrew & Pete ride in on elephants? Who knows but I’d definitely pay to see that. Maybe we should get a vote going…

Obviously, Andrew & Pete decided to run a ‘jazzy shirt contest’ – I mean, why not – that’s something they’d do, right?

Seeing everyone in their jazzy shirts made the evening’s party instantly more appealing but also softened the ‘oh crap, there are strangers in there!’ feeling and considering that this was the inaugural ATOMICON, that was really welcomed.

Sometimes, I feel a little nervous when I see people in suits and looking traditionally ‘professional’.

I feel like I have to put on my posh voice and use randomly big words that don’t really mean much to make me look ‘professional’, whereas this party was FULL of professionals in bright coloured shirts with funky patterns on them, stood with a beer and having a good time with each other and it made the night fun.

Guess what, it didn’t make them any less “professional”.

The cool thing about the party was how it gave you an insight into what the atmosphere would be like at the actual conference.

Some people even went all out. From pink pineapple shirts to brightly coloured tie-dye t-shirts (you can still get ’em). The party was such a successful opener and it was a great way for people to get to know each other.

As well as the conference being fun, it was highly educational in modern marketing techniques and in growing your business online using these strategies & tactics.

We took our mobile recording studio for people to record their first podcast with us and to showcase our new podcast hosting platform, Captivate.fm. To show them how podcasting can help grow their business as podcasting helps build better, effective relationships with your audience.


Because podcasting is convenient for your audience. They can download your podcast and listen to it whenever, wherever and as many times as they want and it doesn’t get any more personal than speaking directly into peoples ears and filling their minds with valuable content.

And to make it easier for them, we took our worlds only growth-oriented podcast host – Captivate, that actively helps them to grow their audience and audio influence.

One particular talk that stood out for me was when Andrew & Pete spoke about breaking your catch 22’s and gave some useful advice on how to overcome them.

Also, they spoke about following up your fears to level up your business.

Step out of your comfort zone, get that encouragement spark and DO that video.

Since their talk about this, I’ve been on the ATOMICON Facebook page and Twitter and the number of people that have ‘faced their fears’, whether it’s posting a video or writing a blog post, is absolutely amazing. Just goes to show that with the right support and inspiration, you can do anything.

All in all, ATOMICON is the place to be if you want to ‘take the leap’ and learn how to grow your business online as well as being shown how to create a better, more scalable business model.

One of my favourite parts of ATOMICON was seeing people from different communities, people who have never met before, come together to help, support and grow with one and other. This just reinforces that everyone is in “this” together and will do their best to help each other to succeed.

Worried about FOMO for ATOMICON 2020? You should be: the speaker line up is awesome and includes our very own CEO Mark Asquith. There’s a flash sale on right now so be quick to grab your tickets at their crazy rate. You really don’t want to miss out!

Grab your ticket here https://www.atomicon.co.uk/ and we’ll see you at ATOMICON 2020!


Izzy Hoedemaker

Izzy is content manager and marketer here at Rebel Base Media. A bit of a "Friends" geek, Izzy also spends too much time hair-rocking to Meat Loaf, if there is such a thing as "too much".