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Every we set out to design the best t-shirt at every conference that we attend, and we haven't failed yet. Come get yours for free, premiering at PM19!
Rebel Base Media appoints James Cridland (Podnews), Laura Roeder (MeetEdgar) & Evo Terra (SimplerMedia) to the Captivate Audio Ltd advisory board.
Google has rolled out several features over the last few months that have caused me to ponder the future of podcast SEO now that the biggest search engine in the world is a major factor.
We shouldn't beat up podcasters for podfading. Instead, we should look to educate and inform on the topic to keep the industry open and community-led.
Why are so many podcasters struggling to grow their show? Simple: there's a difference between hitting "record" and hitting your goals.
The gap between indie podcasting and "big" podcasting is getting bigger, should indie creators be concerned right now? Let's take a look...
The Rebel Base Media team hit Newcastle, to take our Captivate podcast hosting platform & mobile recording studio to ATOMICON 2019, but was it any good?
A short case study of a podcaster receiving an extortion attempt by a scammer on social media. Please share with other podcasters.
Heading to Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando, Florida for a week of podcast education and, well, partying? Here's our attendee guide - enjoy!

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